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Santaco Trading (Pty) Ltd, trading as TaxiChoice was formed and incorporated in 2003. TaxiChoice is the business wing of the taxi industry. It represents all South African legal taxi businessmen as well as taxi industry business interests.

TaxiChoice has positioned itself to best offer a complete range of products and services to various stakeholders of the taxi industry namely; all taxi operators regardless of affiliation, financial institutions, vehicle manufacturers, motor-vehicle dealership groups, insurance companies and a number of government agencies.

TaxiChoice has entered into Service Level Agreements with various Financial Institutions, Dealers/Dealer Groups, Manufacturers, Importers and Builders as well as various joint ventures with parties who are critical to the supply chain of the taxi business.


Our business case is based on 4 critical pillars

Firstly, we have developed a new image in the form of a new name (TaxiChoice), logo and corporate image. This was primarily to distinguish ourselves from our mother body SANTACO which deals mainly with political issues, whereas our main thrust is implementation of the company’s commercial mandate.

Secondly, we needed to develop a mechanism with which to select a list of preferred vehicles and preferred dealers specifically targeted at consumer protection. TaxiChoice needed to ensure that the procedure in selecting vehicles and dealers is independent and transparent. To achieve this, we have assisted with the establishment of an independent not for gain organization, the Independent Taxi Advisory Service (ITAS) which has a scoring model to test grade OEMs vehicles and dealerships. The organisation runs on a committee basis and three qualified persons who have been appointed to the selection panel. The panel receives all the necessary inputs on all the OEMs, vehicles and dealers. The panel uses the scorecard to give impartial evaluation and publish the resulting approved list.

The third and most critical requirement has been the development and implementation of the risk reduction model, which we believe reduces the risks of the taxi vehicle finance to our banking partners thereby increasing the number of financeable taxi deals. In this regards, TaxiChoice risk reduction role stretches from cradle to grave of the taxi vehicle finance assessment process, the biggest part of which is the scoring and verification of the transaction prior to submission to banks. In summary, this entails verifying, scoring and qualifying of the following: All legal documentation including the applicants’ operating licenses; Operators detailed route analysis from our own database (for affordability purposes), the applicant’s selected vehicle, the individual applicant and the applicant’s association (In terms of bad debt history). This we coined our pre-sale service to the banking partners. The after-sales process involves the assistance to banks and financiers with the tracing of errant clients; collection services on default clients as well as the refurbishment and resale of the vehicle/s if repossessed.

The fourth and final pillar of our business case is the implementation of an income distribution process between the provinces (consisting of regional and local taxi associations) and the company, TaxiChoice. This step is important in defragmenting the industry and giving power back to the members. The industry’s greatest strength is it’s collective bargaining power, and therefore, TaxiChoice’ strength and impact in the industry and the ordinary member lies in strengthening our ties with the industry via the respective provinces.




Recently the taxi industry and government have joined forces with Wi-Taxi to address the access to reliable and cost effective broadband for the South African population.

The taxi industry in South Africa transports over 15 million passengers daily with an average of 45 minutes per trip. Santaco gave Wi-Taxi a mandate to roll out Wi-Fi hotspots on-board taxis and taxi ranks throughout the country within a specified period. The pilot project undertaken in April – May of 2014 in Johannesburg, proved to be very successful and was welcomed by the commuters and the taxi owners. Wi-Taxi has a broad range of services that are offered on the platform, where all our daily commuters can see and interact. Wi-Taxi has a commercial platform and advertising space.

Free Wi-fi per month – *Free 50MB Wi-fi per month, for internet access.

Airtime – Purchase of airtime across all mobile networks.

Wi-taxi Mobile Data Bundles – Purchase of Wi-Taxi mobile data bundles.


The Department of Roads and Transport in Partnership with the taxi industry’s (SANTACO) business unit – TaxiChoice will be launching the Electronic Fare Collection System soon…

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